Oxfordshire Trail Riders Fellowship

Welcome to the new Oxfordshire TRF website.  We are an active and welcoming group of trail riders enjoying and preserving the "green lanes" of Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.


We usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at The Original Swan in Cowley OX4 2LF.
The Original Swan

Meetings start at 8pm (get there early for a drink and a chat).  We often have guest speakers to talk on a variety of trail riding matters. For example we recently had a representative from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation talking about legally riding motorcycles across Salisbury Plain.  We often run our own training sessions on such things as using gps devices and plotting routes. Plus we ensure all members are informed on any current rights-of-way issues. 

But most of all we simply enjoy talking about bikes!

What We Do

We ride legal, road registered trail and enduro motorcycles on "green lanes".

Owning a trail or enduro bike doesn’t mean you can ride anywhere you like. In fact, responsible trail riders technically never ride ‘off road’ as the trails and green lanes we use are actually classified as Byways Open To All Traffic (BOATS) or Unclassified Country Roads (UCR’s).

For an explanation of what we mean by green lanes and how we ride them click here.


Where We Ride

We run regular rides from Oxfordshire to, for example, our neighbouring county of Wiltshire.  So it's practical to ride our bikes from home to an agreed start point.

However, many of our members know some good routes around other areas such as Berkshire, Bucks, Surrey, Hampshire and Northants.  By using a van or car/trailer we can easily get to these places and back in a day having enjoyed a challenging and tiring day.

Many of our experienced riders frequently test their skills in such places as Wales and the West Country.

We also venture further afield and enjoy several trips which have now become Oxford TRF traditions such as Portugal and the Isle Of Man.