Unsuitable for Motorised Vehicles


Hawridge Lane in Bellingdon is arguably the toughest lane in Bucks. So you can imagine our surprise when Alun Watkins, Stuart Wibberley and myself came across this immaculate brand new Mercedes abandoned in the middle of the lane.

This UCR can present quite a challenge even in dry conditions but on Friday 15th December 2017 after heavy snowfalls followed by torrential rain followed by more arctic conditions we just couldn't understand how it got there.

The lane was near the start of our ride which took us into Hertfordshire where we tackled some lanes which Herts TRF often use for their novice rides, but on this day they were fantastically challenging.  I fell off more times than I would like to admit but one crash was where I had been sitting on the bike without the engine running and it just slipped away from underneath me!

Our route was more than 80 miles and I was getting tired by the end plus the sun had gone down and the temperature plummeted.  The last few lanes required 100% concentration and the lightest of touches on the controls but we managed to get back safely before dark.

An absolutely brilliant day.

Martin Welch